• Would you like to work with your angels to help transform your life?
  • Are you tired of struggling and feeling frustrated that your life is not how you thought it would be?
  • Would you like some angel guidance and healing to get you moving again on a different path?
  • Are you ready for deep and long lasting change with your angel's help?
  • Would you like to know your life purpose and sacred contract?
  • Are you ready to finally release the past, so you can step into a new life with ease, confidence and comfort?

Aisling Mooney

Spiritual Business Mentor & Coach

If you answered YES to any of the above then you're in the right place!

I know exactly how you feel and that the angels can help you.  It doesn't matter what your life looks like at the moment, it can and will get better by inviting the angels in to help you.

When the angels first began working with me nearly 20 years ago, my life looked a whole lot different...... On the outside it seemed fine. I was in my late twenties, I had always worked and been able to support myself financially.  I had my own home in Ireland, good friends and a close connection with my family. I loved travelling and had lived and worked in different countries for short periods of time, including UK, France and US


There was this gnawing inside me that there was more, that there was something missing, this feeling that I was wasting my life and I didn't feel I had any power or control over anything at all.

I drank and smoked far too much.

I struggled to maintain an ongoing intimate relationship with any man. I had huge trust issues, I didn't have any boundaries or understanding of myself or that this was even causing me problems!

Yes! I had huge self esteem issues and I felt sad, depressed and unfulfilled most of the time in every area of my life.

I did believe in spirit and angels in a vague sort of way and had felt the presence of my late grandfather, in my life since I was 16 years of age, offering some comfort.

But even this wasn't enough to help me out of the hole I was falling deeper into.

I left my steady job as a manager of a small community arts organisation and escaped to Florida, where I thought I would find whatever I was looking for.  So I ended up working in an Irish bar and living with some Irish girls that I worked with.  This was probably the most destructive time in my life in terms of entering a world of alcohol and party-land!

Instead of finding freedom I found a deepening addiction to alcohol and the lifestyle I was living.  I don't know exactly where I was heading but I shudder to think of it now.  Of all the times I had so little self respect that I put myself into situations that were dangerous and could have resulted in serious consequences.  When I look back and try to find the point in time when the angels entered my life, I am immediately reminded of this period.

One day cycling home from work, I came down a hill at full speed. As I reached the bottom of the hill I realized that the car driving beside me was without warning or indication, turning onto my path.  With no time to avoid the car I crashed at full speed straight into it.

Tears began to flow down my cheeks and finally I called out for help..... Angels please help me!

Miraculously, I wasn't seriously hurt, although I was left with whiplash, in pain and unable to work.

I can see now, that moment was a gift to me, that enabled me to make a choice in my life, I could continue to go down this path of craziness and ultimately self destruction or I could stop.

Late one evening, in my apartment in Florida, while recovering from the accident, I remember my apartment, which I shared with a few other Irish girls as unusually quiet and empty.  In the silence I played an album I had recently bought, without knowing the singer or anything about the songs on the cd.

In the darkness and quiet, I began to listen to Sarah MacLachlins' hauntingly beautiful song 'In the arms of angels'. That music moved something inside me, the tears began to flow down my cheeks and I began to pray for help.

'Someone, Anyone, God, Angels, get me out of this mess!'

Within three weeks my mother unexpectedly came to visit (although I had told no one in my family about the accident), within 6 weeks I was back in Ireland.

Within 6 months I had enrolled in a training course to be a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Within a year I began working in a New Age shop and began to surround myself with the energy of crystals, angels, spirit and healing.

Things simply began to get better in small ways, step by step.

I'd love to say it all worked out happily ever after, but this is real life and sometimes life is challenging for all of us.  Some of my challenges meant I had to go even deeper and lower into a dark place of sadness, desperation and depression, so I could finally face my demons and learn to forgive, nurture and love myself again.

But every step of the way since then I've had angels guiding me, nudging me in the best direction for me to live a life that's in alignment with my soul and sacred contract and life purpose.

The more I began to explore the possibility that angels really existed and were helping me in my life, the more the world became joyful, interesting, fulfilling and even sometimes magical.

I still have a bumpy road sometimes, but I have tools and guidance, a gentle whisper in my ear or a vision of a brighter future that sustains me and keeps me moving forward.

Looking back now, it's been an incredible journey, and honestly I'm grateful for all of it, as it's helped me to deepen my connection with the angels, and to be able to share that  energy with my clients.


If you've read this far then something has resonated with you, and you may even see parts of yourself in my story.

Since 2005, I've worked with thousands of people in groups or private sessions helping them to connect with their angels so they can, release the past, get back on track and start living their full potential.

I'm here to help you to gain access to the angels, archangels and your own personal guardian angels so you can start your own healing journey.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, then I'd love to work with you!

Clients report feeling;

  • Lighter, more relaxed, peaceful and confident
  • 100% Clearer about Life, Career & Business direction
  • A release from anger, worry, fear, doubt, sadness and grief that they may have been holding onto for years
  • Increased positivity and feelings of wellbeing

So what is Angel Coaching?


It's a unique healing process that can clear trauma that's been held for years blocking you from moving forward. It can help you to heal,  discover your life purpose, release the past, and facilitates deep change and transformation in your life in whatever area you choose to focus on.

The first session takes about 1 hour then it's 45 minutes for the number of sessions you have chosen.


The level of healing you will get depends on you and what you specifically want to get from your sessions. The angels are willing to support you every single step of the way.  They already know what's the best step forward for you and will gently take your hand and guide you there.

I found that the clients who got the most from the Angel Coaching & Healing sessions, with long lasting improvements in their lives, where the ones who came for 3 or more sessions. If a pattern has taken you a lifetime to develop, it makes sense that it would take some time to resolve.

Between 3 and 6 sessions are recommended depending on your individual requirements and what you want to heal and change.

(There is a minimum requirement of 3 sessions. However, you are welcome to book a one off session below if it's your first time working with me and also if you have already had 3 or more sessions)

I will draw from over 15 years experience working as a spiritual Teacher and Healer.  Any of the following may be used during a session; Angel Cards, Angel Therapy, NLP & Timeline Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Bach Flowers, and whatever else I am guided to share with you to help you move forward.

These sessions are uplifting and full of angel guidance and love to help you wherever you are on your life path. They are also deeply Transformational & Healing. This is not fortune telling or for entertainment purposes.  Please only book a session if you are willing and ready to change some element of your life.

Please Note: There can be a waiting list for these sessions as I can only work with a few people each month.

All sessions are online and recorded if you wish, you just need a computer or a smart phone.  You'll get the link to dial in for your appointment.  if you prefer we can use Skype (but this is not recorded)





3 Sessions



6 Sessions



You can also chose a One Day VIP GOLD Private Intensive 

You want accelerated healing and breakthroughs in your spiritual business and your life.  You want clarity on your life purpose and sacred contract and you don't want to wait.  You'd love a VIP experience in a luxury setting with your meal and refreshments provided for you.  You want accelerated Transformation NOW!

These one day intensives with Aisling are strictly limited to two clients per month maximum and there may be a waiting list.  So please make contact asap to book your day after you make your purchase.

There's also one pre call to give you clarity and to prepare you to get the most from the day and one post call to support you in the implementation of your goals.

There is an opportunity to break this payment into two parts one right now of €777 and one before your VIP day of €777 Please enquire aislingmooney777@gmail.com if this option suits you better.

This can be a very Powerful Healing and Transformational Catalyst in your life & business and is highly recommended ONLY if you are ready for deep and swift change.  If you've had enough and want to break through to a completely different level then book your session now.


Words of Praise from Happy Clients Below!

A one to one session with Aisling is a wonderful experience. Aisling is fun, kind and very intuitive. Through the sessions I got a completely different perspective on issues that I had which have completely changed how I feel about things. I left the sessions with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  It has definitely shifted some blockages and I would highly recommend Aisling to everyone.  It’s hard to put into words how much these sessions benefited me. Thanks  a million Aisling

- M Courtney

I had a session with Aisling. I had been angry for a long time about certain issues in my past. Aisling brought me back and I realized where some of it was coming from and I was less panicky. I was a bit of a basket case going in for our session, as I had been going through a bit of a ′dark night of the soul’ for about 18 months.  I’m not saying it all goes in one session (well not the amount I’ve been carrying) but I came out a bit lighter.  Aisling prescribed some Bach Flowers which are helping me to bring some of the anger out.  She also recommended some books to read.  

I found Aisling very comfortable to be with and even though I shed a few tears didn’t feel embarrassed. I will hook up again with her as I feel we are on the same wave length.  I look forward to doing some of her classes as well.  She is very good at making you feel at ease.

- Patricia Kavanagh

Through working with Aisling, I have discovered so much about myself, patterns and behaviours that I have for years and couldn't seem to shift or change. The whole experience enlightened me and I learned a lot by Aisling drawing information and taking me back to events throughout my life, releasing and looking at what I had learned from it.

Aisling is warm, kind and inspiring.  If you need to shift patterns and get help to move forward and make the most of your life, then this is for you. I now look forward not back.

Thank you Aisling.

- Grainne Nolan

I would say it was interesting..... revealing.... empowering...... transforming..... All in four sessions!

- Frank

I had a wonderful session with Aisling. Simple how the angels helped me to clarify my situation and helped me to look at it differently, with wiser heart and eyes and in the knowledge that I am protected and guided along the way.  It was good to hear that despite the shaky times recently, I am on the right path and the hard work is over. When I left the consultation with Aisling, I received monetary assistance I had applied for that was being looked at today, despite being told yesterday that they had no record of it! The Angels got to work quickly once they were asked!

I feel differently now, that I am not alone and don’t have to figure it all out on my own.  Help is only a thought away! I highly recommend Aisling and her wonderful gifts of healing.

- Maya

I recently had an amazing session with Aisling. It was very positive and life affirming. Aisling has a kind and caring way of sharing the guidance she receives. I was amazed by my session, as I had gone along to get some guidance on career and finances, yet Aisling picked up on my relationship area of life, this has been a bit problematic and it was wonderful to receive some unexpected guidance on this. Not only did I receive a wonderful reading, Aisling also did some visualization exercises with me to help me move forward with ease and release the blocks that were keeping me stuck in my situation.  She also advised me on flower remedies that would help me as I go forward with my life.  If you get a chance to work with Aisling, through her classes or one to one, I highly recommended her.

- M McDonald

Before the session I felt like I was chasing ideas from 'mind'. You brought me back to 'heart' where I reconnected with my true passion, what I feel I'm essentially here to give the world. You kept patiently asking me questions to go deeper and gave me the space to explore. Afterwards I stayed in that space and allowed words to pour itself onto paper. What we discovered hasn't left me. It feels like a calm seed germinating in its own tempo. Out of nowhere 2 clients actually got referred to me!  Thank you for reconnecting me with my seed

- Erika Verhoeven

Hi Aisling I wanted to say Thank You for our call yesterday, it couldn't have come at a better time! I was having a really crap week business wise.It was a mixture of fear, overwhelm and mini nervous breakdown!!! Our chat really helped and it feels like I'm back on track again. It was totally heaven sent that call, and it really got me back on track.

- Caitriona Hicks, Evolution Ireland

Thank you Aisling for the wonderful session!  I've been on an amazing journey for the past few years and this session has only added to my knowledge of the power that dwells inside each of us. This therapy is truly amazing and proves to have limitless possibilities.  I am grateful to you for such a warm, welcoming and enjoyable experience. This is such a powerful and positive therapy and has begun to help me make some positive changes in my life.

- Debbie Moran

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