Calling all Holistic Practitioners, Therapists, Healers, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Spiritual & Angel Coaches, Practitioners and heart centred business owners!

Have you heard the call of Metatron?

You've been aware of this amazing being connecting with you in your life, sometimes a subtle essence or energy around you, whispering in your ear or appearing in your dreams?


Or for some of you the energy has been much stronger, there's now a sense of urgency and you just know you have to work with him, but are not quite sure how to do it?

There's a really good chance if you've read this far that you know exactly what I'm talking about. You have been called to work with archangel Metatron. You can feel the truth of this message right in your heart and bones!

You know in your heart and soul that you are meant to help many, many people, but so far you haven't managed to achieve those big dreams and sometimes it even feels impossible to make the difference your heart yearns for.

You have been working as a lightworker for years now either in a spiritual business or quietly in the background as Earth Angels do, gently offering kindness and encouragement to those who are troubled and need help.  But now you're ready to bring your spiritual work to the next level.  You have felt a call inside you and you know you need to expand and grow.

My job is to remind you that you have a unique purpose and sacred contract as a lightworker,  where you've come to serve the world and many people on your path, in the way only you can.

You're already aware of this sacred contract as you've been guided to learn and study many aspects of spiritual teachings and esoteric information, so you have the tools to complete your life purpose. You've had a myriad of initiations and attunements throughout your life formally like Reiki and informally by receiving information and symbols from your guides and angels.

Here's another piece of information for you;

  • You had to go through all of that stuff to get to this place!
  • You had to get ready to to receive this gift from Metatron!
  • You are in the perfect place and everything is flowing with divine timing!


But you've got to take action and you  need to step up and come out of the shadows!

It means you must have an openness to heal, learn and grow beyond anything else you’ve experienced so far. The rewards for doing this course will be felt and seen spiritually, emotionally and physically but it requires discipline and commitment to complete the course.

It is quite frankly not for the fainthearted!

You've got to accept that you have a unique life purpose and a chance to help many people in the world during your lifetime. You've got to be ready to transform and change so you can really help many others do this as well.

I can help you if you're ready........

I know exactly who you are because I'm the same as you!

I've been called to do this and honestly I don't feel completely ready, but Metatron is so persistent that I've decided to trust him and the process and just go with it.


I'm offering this opportunity to you as a lightworker to join me on a journey, that will literally change us completely and skyrocket our healing practices to the next level.

The healing and transformation we achieve through our own commitment will allow us to expand and reach out all over the world.

You'll finally be able to make the difference and the impact, that you've been yearning for.

I've been a practitioner for years!!!!!!

My titles have included; Stress Management Consultant, Massage Therapist, Medium, Life Coach, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Reiki Healer & Master, Angel Intuitive, Flower Essence Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Business Owner.

I could write a book with just my qualifications and the list of hours and money I've invested in my personal and spiritual development. I even have an Honours Degree in Education and Training.

But for all my knowledge and experience and I was missing an ingredient that would allow me to make my spiritual work an actual successful business.

I had learned everything I could about holisitc health and healing and was an expert in more than one field

I just had no idea how to run a business or how to sell myself.

I didn't know how to ask for and accept what I was worth or how to even put a proper value on my healing work.

I began to look for ways to make my business sustainable and a success or was going to have to give it up and this really upset me because like you I knew I was supposed to be doing this work.

I love my work, I was willing to do it for nothing and most of the time I did just that.  I began to actively seek out other spiritual workers, who were able to have a spiritual business that also generated an income, so they could fully and completely dedicate themselves to their life purpose.

I also bought every book on money and business, I listened to thousands of hours of webinars and training. I signed up a numerous coaching programmes and I definitely believe that having a coach is the number one thing that you can do for yourself regardless of what business you are in to accelerate your growth and potential.


However, while all of this is useful and has definitely helped me to grow and expand, nothing has been bigger than the shifts in consciousness that working with Metatron has given me!

And it began when I made a commitment to working with the angelic realm no matter what, to follow their advice, no matter what!

That might sound easy, but if you truly embrace this, you'll know that it takes courage, trust and the willingness to be seen. It also means carrying on regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about you and your work. You will meet people who just don't get it or why you do what you do. You're not here to serve those people, but by listening to them and keeping yourself small, you won't get to serve anyone.  If you're like me this thought just fills you with a feeling of desolation and despair that you can't help those you're meant to help.

Are you ready to really walk to the beat of your own inner drum?

But in order to really complete this programme and integrate it's healing system, you'll have to say goodbye to some things in your life.

I discovered that I had a lot of beliefs and patterns about life, money and relationships that were not serving me at all.  These beliefs were hidden and it was only through this work that I began to unravel the misconceptions and crazy ideas that I had about myself, my work, my purpose and success.  I had issues about being seen and doing my work and receiving payment for it. These issues where related to many past life experiences where I was killed, tortured and experienced a life of lack when I did show my healing abilities and try to help people.

The good news is .... it's a completely different time now and it's the safest time in history to be a healer and stand in the light with confidence and clarity about your destiny.  I can help you with all of this.  Metatron will be your guide and will show you how to make it possible and how to reveal your unique healing gifts with the world in a way that's safe and successful.


You will begin to release these beliefs and patterns that are holding you back, keeping you small and and stopping you from healing.

You will be able to manifest the life and spiritual business which is totally on purpose and fills your heart with gratitude everyday because you're finally able to help those people that you are sacredly contracted to help.  

  • There will be a level of trust and peace, where there was fear, worry and doubt
  • There will be strength and clarity of life purpose, where there was uncertainty and indecision
  • There will be a growing sense of purpose that takes over your whole being and makes you feel on fire in your spiritual work, where there was a gnawing sense that you should be doing more.
  • You'll find a way to balance your desires of wanting to have a successful holistic business and also wanting to stay true to your soul and be able to follow your inner guidance from God and The Angels.


Mastery with Metatron!

Discovering the keys to true Manifesting & Healing on all levels of your life.


Are you one of the Lightworkers I've been guided to work with?


  • Will you join me for 7 months committed to exploring the energy of Metatron and learn how to harness this angelic energy so you can increase your manifesting potential?
  • Are you ready to learn a complete new healing system that will help you to manifest a better life for you and anyone you work with as a lightworker?
  • Is it time for you to really change your life in every way?
  • Have you heard the call of Metatron and are you ready to take his hand?

This course is for all lightworkers who want their work and their life to mean something, to be able to help many people. It's for you, if you want your work to have an international reach, and your healing potential to be magnified.


I have begun to open up to this new energy and I'm actively working with Metatron everyday.  I have quite literally seen miracles occur in my own life. I've been able to manifest on a much faster level. I've also had more clarity than I've had in years!

I've been able to let go of relationships and situations that just weren't serving me but I didn't have the courage to change them or leave them until then.

The world has looked like it was crumbling as everything I thought I knew is being dissolved and challenged.

Honestly this work is not for the fainthearted......

if you want to work with Metatron and you want to manifest miracles in your life and bring your spiritual work to a whole new level, some things are going to have to go, so you can make room for the new in your life.

You will have to let go of old beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck, poor and unproductive in your life and business.

This course will help you to come to terms, with the reality of your sacred contract and soul purpose as a Lightworker in a holistic business.  It will lead you to a vision of how it could be, to your unique and full potential and then how you can manifest this.


Isn't it time you really shined your light in the world and helped the people you are under sacred contract to help?

What's involved?

Are you;

  • Ready to experience deep and really powerful changes and shifts in every area of your life.
  • A lightworker with many years of experience working in energy healing, therapies, holistic health and wellbeing
  • Ready to commit to 7 months of deep healing and transformation, working through each of your chakra centres, receiving initiations and attunements every month (you will work through your healing using your online learning platform and support from Aisling and your fellow lightworkers)
  • Willing to share and grow as a group during this process, by sharing we learn from each other and increase the swiftness of transformation and we also offer each other support, that may not be available anywhere else in our social and family circles.
  • Available for a 2 day retreat in Dublin

The Community

As as part of this course you will part of the amazing mastery with Metatron Community. These beautiful beings, earth angels and lightworkers just like you will carry you and support and urge you on to fulfill your goals for the year.  They will make sure you get to shine your light into the world and reach the people you are sacredly contracted to meet and help.

This is your tribe, the ones you can say 'I believe in unicorns and angels and making the impossible possible.'  This is your container to grow into a fully transformed lightworker.

Looking back on my own journey the road was lonely and it became easier when I had like minded friends to share it with.  This is my gift to you and it's a priceless part of the whole journey.

As soon as you join you have access to the secret group for a full 7 months.

This is an intimate sacred space and there are strictly limited places available.


Worth €997

The Retreat

Join me for an incredible weekend Retreat in Dublin, Ireland.

There is really no words to describe the power of the retreat and of coming together with like minded women who are spiritual healers and coaches just like you.  These retreats are a complete blessing and offer HUGE transformation in every area of your life.

You will participate in a series of initiations and attunements channeled directly from Metatron into your energy system and receive keys opening portals to increase your healing and manifestation abilities.  There are also some transformational exercises that happen directly channeled to suit whatever is needed in the room at that moment.  Each retreat is different as each person is different.  Come with an open mind and heart and you WILL get exactly what you need in your life and business.

Participants in Mastery with Metatron who have attended the retreats can become life long friends and support each other for many years to come.

June 2017 (Dates to be confirmed)

There will be two full days 9.30 - 5 pm

Accommodation is not provided, but this venue is very close to the city centre and a wide variety of hotels and guest houses.


Worth €997

The Healing

Each month you will receive audio and video materials to give you a different initiation for each particular chakra centre. This material is incredibly healing and powerful and combines spiritual truths and teaching with really practical steps and tools that you can use right now in your life and spiritual business.

To support you during this phase of the journey, you'll have a complete online support, coaching and teaching with Aisling for the 7 months.

There are 7 modules that take a deep dive into the Metatron's chakra system of healing.  The work is presented in Keys that Metatron asks you to explore and integrate into every area of your life to empower you to be able to share your gifts truly with the world in a  clear authentic way.

The keys presented to you include: Forgiveness in the base , Support in the Sacral, Surrender in the Solar Plexus, Resurrection in the Heart, Visibility in the Throat, Acceptance in the Third Eye and Connection in the Crown chakra.

You will be fully supported in your healing with 121 coaching and group calls.

Worth €897

Monthly Angel Coaching Calls

To support you during the  7 months there are TWO Live bi-monthly group coaching calls with Aisling (January to July). That's a total of 14 group COACHING calls.

These calls are incredible sacred spaces where you can process whats coming up for you, gain clarity on your next step and get answers to your questions. These sessions are really powerful and often result in huge transformation for participants.

The archives are also full of recordings of past calls that can offer you information on every topic and subject imaginable and will add to your own personal and spiritual breakthroughs.

Worth €1997

Private Angel Coaching Intensives with Aisling

For the first time in 2018, Aisling is offering this option for Private Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching, for participants of the Mastery with Metatron programme.

You will have six private intensive Spiritual Breakthrough Sessions with Aisling.  These sessions can be used at any time during the year, to help you accelerate your transformation, healing, personal and spiritual development.

Worth €2000

REVIEW and support throughout the programme

Monthly Reviews: Each month we take a few moments to REVIEW our progress with kindness and love and discernment. We use Metatron's particular system for this which helps you really dive deep into what's working and what's not working so you can course correct and get back on the best path and track for you and your spiritual business.

Power Half day session: I also host a power mid point half day review in the fourth month of the programme.  This helps you to take some time out of your life, a pattern interrupt that gives you sacred space to review what's happened to get you to this point in the your life and what are your next steps forwards.  The smallest steps that could make the biggest impact. 

This is a powerful moment in the programme for really fine tuning your Big vision and creating the incredible life that you want and deserve helping you to reach many around the world with your unique soul gifts. 

These two pieces combine to help you move gradually and fully supported towards your dreams.

This power day takes place in April (Dates to be confirmed) and uses the energy of the Heart chakra.  It helps you to come from the heart when you create your new vision for your future.

Worth €500

BONUS Spiritual Business Breakthrough VIRTUAL Event for Lightworkers

Also included in your Mastery with Metatron package is this incredible complete online Virtual day designed to give you a Spiritual Breakthrough in your life and business.  Mastery with Metatron is a spiritual development programme that will help you really step into your power as a lightworker on the planet at this time.  This event gives you the practical business tools to actually create a spiritual business that's sustainable, profitable and fulfilling.


This is a transformational day and you have a FREE Ticket including recordings of the event.

Takes place in November (Dates to be confirmed)

Worth €500

Total value for Mastery with Metatron


Ready to book your place?



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1 Complete Installment

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Deposit €1000 plus

€233 X 10 monthly

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Places on Mastery with Metatron are strictly limited and enrollments only take place once a year.
Starts January 11th 2018

Speak to Aisling now to see if this is a fit for you and to secure your place.



Praise from Happy Clients

I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

I never know what to expect...but it never disappoints with the remarkable insight it provides. The impact this course has had on my life, has allowed me progress by Life Purpose very quickly, and way ahead of Schedule I have fearlessly launched my Parenting Course.

The course has simply brought all my life-times of experience together, making sense of all the little events and showing me how to progress spiritually to the next level with an ease and intuition I didn’t think was possible. Working with Aisling and Metatron is amazing, combined with the wonderful support of the Group, I Know my life is being Divinely Guided and Protected.

Niamh Kelly

‘Before I knew changes were taking place within me but wasn’t sure what to do about these changes or where they were taking me. After working with Aisling; Yes stuff comes up and catches you unawares.  Aisling knows how to work with this expertly along with the angels help. What has come out of this transformation experience is a much stronger Nora.  I now have clarity.  I know the road I am travelling now.  I feel empowered in a way that is new to me.

I’m deeply grateful for having had this incredible experience. To anyone else planning on doing this course and stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown , do it. Be brave, take that step. Its a very sacred space. No need to be afraid. Its life changing.’

Nora McGuire

This course has really opened my eyes and taken me even further on my angel journey. The modules I have done so far have been challenging, uplifting and inspiring in equal measure and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to go deeper into angel realms. The best thing about it is the support from Aisling and the rest of the group! Really recommended.

Jenny Wilson

‘Before working with Aisling, I had a lot of ideas about my business but it didn’t feel clear.  Now I feel so different I feel so uplifted and a lot clearer about where I am going with my business and what I am capable of. I released some old past Hurts, and I feel so different, I have a self love that is so much stronger now and I don't feel afraid about shouting about what I do.’

Sarah Ashurst

This course has made me look at myself and opened my eyes to getting more out for life and what I need to work on to make my dreams a reality. The wonderful energy from Aisling and Archangel Metatron is amazing I love working with both of them. I would really recommend this course.

Sharon Brown

When I joined Transform with Angels, I had no idea what to expect or what I may gain from this course. I trusted the nudges I kept getting and took a leap of faith and boy am I glad I did.

As I review my journey and the feedback I wrote after each module I see my development over the course. I have opened my heart and my mind to a better way of living, and have faced life's challenges in new ways and with confidence as I receive guidance from the Angels. I have a library of meditations that I can use depending on my needs at a particular time. This has really benefited me as I use these meditations to bring peace to my life and give me strength and guidance as I need it.

As my journey unfolded my intuition has developed and my trust in myself and my abilities has deepened.  This is amazing for me as it was not so long ago I looked to everyone else for answers, now I look inside my heart for my own truths. This is very empowering.

As I review the feedback from my very own earth Angel I see how much support I have received from Aisling over the course. Tips on books to read, remedies to help, videos to watch, answers to questions and loving guidance all the way through. It is this support and feedback that is the magic recipe of the Transform with Angels course.

The support from other members is lovely and the energy of the group is so positive and empowering. A lovely place to be.

I hope this gives you a flavour of my experience of the Transform with Angels experience and I wholeheartedly recommend people to give it a go. You've everything to gain.


I have just experienced a two day Mastery with Metatron Retreat with Aisling Mooney. I felt urged to join up for this course in July of this year, as I needed guidance and confidence if I was to move forward and aim to have a holistic business that would provide an income for me.

I have known Aisling for a good few years now and have being part of her Angel Circle Personal Development group etc. She is kind gifted and has an inner knowing of what you individually need to release and work through in order for you to shine and thus be a success.

I cannot recommend this course enough it will be life changing believe me, everything will become a little bit easier you will laugh more love more and see with a much clearer vision.

Grainne Nolan

Some Video Testimonials


Book your place now

Best Value

1 Complete Installment

Payment Plan

Deposit €1000 plus

€233 X 10 monthly

BOOK your call with Aisling

Places on Mastery with Metatron are strictly limited and enrollments only take place once a year.
Starts January 11th 2018

Speak to Aisling now to see if this is a fit for you and to secure your place.