Angel Courses & Training

Below is a list of our current offerings in Angel Courses & Training.  Scroll down and start at whatever level you are at.  There's something for complete beginners right through to our professional Diploma in Angel Coaching & Teacher Training.


Your angels want you to remember you are never alone and that an angel walks beside you today.  We look forward to connecting with you on your journey to discover and communicate with your angels.


Are you a complete beginner?

Remember who you are, realize your full potential & make a difference!

This is a completely FREE series of angel messages that you will receive everyday for one complete year.  It will help you to deepen your relationship with the angels, give you more peace and calm and ultimately help you to realize your full potential.



Ready to get to know your Angels & Archangels better?

Are you ready to Transform with Angels in 12 weeks? Take Aisling's unique and Internationally popular course that connects you with a  different Archangel each week.  This course is truly transformational.....

12 Archangel in 12 Weeks


Want to deepen and expand your consciousness with Metatron?

Have you heard the call of Metatron?

Are you ready to take your holistic practice and work to another level of spiritual and personal development?

Are you open to working with this Archangel and learning a complete new healing system?


Take your angel work to the next level with a professional qualification? 

Are you ready to take your interest in angels and turn it into a professional career?

We are currently accepting registrations for 2015/2016 programme starting in October


Praise for Aisling & Transform with Angels courses


This is a truly spirit led course, Aisling has a natural gift for connecting us to the beautiful angel energy. As with all her fabulous courses, this amazing lady continually manages to motivate and inspire us, long may she continue.

Jenny McGuinness

Aisling does this course in a wonderful easy way , that relaxes you as soon as you begin, you are totally transported to another realm , meeting the Angels and receiving wonderful healing and messages. Everyone doing this course will definitely have transformed in a major way by the time they finish it. Life will never be the same, Great News!

Anne Alexander

I have just completed the angel course with Aisling.  I have to say before I started doing them I did not know what to expect, But I am glad that I attended , I received many re-assuring messages from the angels, and met many wonderful new like minded friends. I found Aisling to be brilliant, very welcoming and warm and the Meditations were relaxing and very easy to follow.

Brian Kelleher

Many thanks for the wonderful Angel Meditation classes.  The energy there was amazing as were the people that I met. Aisling is a fantastic facilitator and very intuitive.  If you do yourself one favour this year, attend an Angel event online or in person with Aisling.

Grainne O'Toole

I’ve done some courses with Aisling, Transform with Angels, Simple Success & Love your life. Aisling is fantastic, she presents the classes in a fun way & informative way. I’ve changed many things about my life and business since meeting Aisling. I would highly recommend her courses & services to anyone who wants to create change in their lives

Caitriona Hicks Evolution Ireland

Aisling's angel meditations offer a few hours of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Aisling's voice and gentle personality make everyone feel comfortable to talk about their angel experiences. Thank you!

Sinead Minahan

Very relaxing, outside world did not enter the room! Time flew in and I felt inner calmness.

Rosaleen Quinn

Aisling's class is such a joy. I really loved the meditation experience and relaxation. I found it a healing time for me.


I have just finished my second Angel course with Aisling and the angels. It has been a lovely relaxing few hours every week, just for me to recap on life and think about past present and future. Life is so busy and passes so quickly, this time is very valuble to take stock, Aisling’s voice makes everyone feel so special and protected by all the angels. I love the beautiful meditations that are experianced in so many different ways each week

Grainne Nolan

Fantastic course! I really connected with the angels and felt the healing power. I would recommend for all.

Rosaleen Cooling

The angel class was extremely uplifting, powerful and enjoyable. The group were friendly and welcoming, it was a fantastic experience! Thanks Aisling


    A great way to connect with the angels! All the pieces of the puzzle finally came together like a tapestry and I now understand exactly how the angels can help me in my life!

    Cathy Farrag Ahmed